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Healing the Healers
July 14-16
Melissa Lucey

The prices below are the Total charges for lodging, meals, and use of facilities.
A tuition charge of $200 will be added.

Spouses, significant others, and families are welcome! To register a spouse/partner and/or children, in the box "Additional Requests" near the bottom of this page, please include the full names of spouse/partner and any other family members, as well as the ages of any children accompanying you. If you need an early arrival or late departure, or are coming with a party larger than three and require more than one room, please specify in that section as well. We will manually register additional party members and you will receive a confirmation email with an added balance due that accurately reflects these additions.

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT fill out the "sharing with" field nor do you need to register the other members of your party separately.

When you choose your accommodations, please select as your first choice the option that best suits accommodating your full party (e.g. if coming with just your spouse/partner select one of the Double occupancy options, if also coming with a child or any party of three select the Triple option).

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