Talks with Babaji

AttachmentPain and Suffering
CompassionPerforming Our Duty
DeathPersonal Feeling About God
Death (continued)Practicing Awareness
Desire and AngerQuestions from Young People
Desire and AttachmentRelating with Others
Dharma and Virtuous LifeRemembrance of God
DispassionRemoving Attachment
EgoSelf Development
Faith and DevotionSelf Interest
God's FormSpiritual Life
Individual and Universal EgoSupport Along the Path
Karma YogaSurrender
Knowledge and DispassionSurrender (continued)
MeditationThe Aim
Nonattachment and LiberationThe Mind and Heart
On the BattlefieldThe Nature of God
On the Spiritual PathThe Present Moment
Overcoming Negative QualitiesWitness Consciousness
Yagna or Sacrifice

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